North Words Panel Topics

2018 Panel Topics will be announced early in New Year; in the meantime we welcome your suggestions at


2017 North Words Panel Topics

Gawping at the Exotic: Writing About Common Humanity Amidst the Extraordinary – Ah, a gem (or extraordinary humanity embedded in the ordinary) 

And Then It Happened: Making True Stories Readable – Sifting through details for a universal story

Why Is It So Hard to Write About Good Sex? – Breast-heaving prose worth rereading

Scenery Shot: Nature as Backdrop, Center Stage, or Character – Landscapes are people, too

You Must Read This: My Favorite Writers and What They Taught Me – A roundtable bookshelf

Pining for Publication: Roadmaps to Self-Actualization – Dreaming is one thing; publishing is another.

A Miracle of Memory and Invention: How to Sustain Your Creative Flow – Keeping’ on keepin’ on, as it were. 

 Plus two early bird writing workshops, an afternoon delight writing workshop, a haiku breakdown, faculty consultations, and our famous Trail Write session, plus readings and other fun stuff! See schedule soon for panel times and faculty assignments so you can plan your time at North Words May 31-June 3, 2017