North Words Panel Topics

A list of potential 2019 panel topics will be released soon and finalized on the schedule early in the new year.


2018 North Words Panel Topics

Real and Fake Facts: Should journalists, memoirists, and essayists share the same standards, and what should those standards be?

What makes a detail “telling”, and where does it best fit on the page?

Whose Life Matters? What is the writer’s role in moving readers toward intercultural understanding and empathy. Can anyone write across outside their cultural setting successfully? What does it take to do that?

What goes into making a great character come alive on the page?

Let’s talk about discipline. What kind of discipline do you need to really be a writer of books?

What is the role of hope in storytelling? How much happiness, how much sadness goes into a story? How do you judge?

Getting heard. Finding a home, or an audience for your writing? Is the game really rigged for the well connected or the college elite?

 Plus something to do with animals and music with Ray Troll, workshops led by Emily Wall and Frank Soos, and consultations!