North Words Panel Topics

2019 North Words Panel Topics

(2020 topics will be revealed in January – if you have suggestions email them to us!)

From Start to Finish or the Other Way Around: The many ways to tell a story. 

This happens and then this happens and then this happens… then what happens?

History, Herstory, Ourstory: Who owns the past anyway?

Memory is fallible. Records can be faked. What’s a writer to do?

Writing to Make Things Happen: Moving readers from their seats to the streets.

Motives, messages, means & memes for transformation.

Getting Read:Telling your story to the most readers in your best voice.

What’s the catch? Who gets caught? How do you keep ‘em and catch more?


Great Land Voices: Foundations and futures in Alaskan literature

To those who got us here and those who would lead us ahead.

Foiled: Writing beyond generalizations of gender, class, and culture.

Can rich, white men write well about poor minority women?

Getting Away with It: Making the most of stupid tourist stories.

Don’t let your Alaskan expertise get in the way of telling a good story.

Resonations: How underutilized events in Alaskan history and culture comprise some of the greatest tales never told.

Writing with subsurface rights.

Over-Heroed: Does the hero’s journey still have traction among modern readers?

Creating compelling, timeless characters in challenging situations.


Hard Work in Print: Translating drudgery to the page.

Considering the authenticity of sweat, soreness, and duty.


A final list trimmed to six or seven topics will be appear on the 2019 schedule, pending faculty assignments and availability.