How did the North Words Writers Symposium come to be?

Dan: During Buckwheat’s human-powered trek from Miami to Nome three years ago we had the opportunity to talk at length about a writer’s symposium. We rendezvoused in central Minnesota in March, and on the northward walk to Winnipeg chatted constantly about a writer’s symposium As the miles passed under our feet, we talked about reasons to host a symposium, who might come, what they wanted, how we could meet their desires, and why Skagway had the potential to be a great gathering place for writers and aspiring writers. Buckwheat never let go of the idea, and set about politicking with Skagway, Yukon, and Alaska leaders to walk our talk.

Buckwheat: I like reading about my part of the world and I want to encourage everybody to write more about Yukon and Alaska.

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