North Words Panel Topics

2020 North Words Panel Topics

Special Theme: Writing at a time of a threatened natural world.

Writing while the world burns: 

How to stand witness to challenges, change, and turmoil. Why do it at all?

Seeing your words in black-and-white:

The shifting dimensions of getting published.

The writer’s role as a source of hope:

          From all these urgent, tragic, troubling stories—where is the light?

 Making science stick among skeptics:

          Data is real, stupid. Or is it? What was the question?

 Stitching characters’ lives into a coherent fabric:

The quest to show purpose and place among relationships. 

 Writing with risk:

          Why should you try? What happens if you do? 

The performance side:

          Your words—live and in person—flung at others.

A final list will be appear on the 2020 schedule this spring, pending faculty assignments. There also will be at least two writing workshops, along with time for one-on-one consultations with faculty.