North Words Panel Topics

Below is the initial list of panel and workshop topics for 2021. A final list with faculty assignments will appear on the schedule.

2021 North Words Panel Topics


Caged and Creative:

Writing through the Pandemic

We’re still here:

Decolonizing readers through Indigenous literary voices.

Speaking to an existential threat:

Whether to rally the troops or reform the skeptics when writing about climate science.

Storytelling as medicine:

Catching stories to heal the world.

The writer’s role in the age of disinformation and upheaval:

Facing pandemics, politics, and other disasters, and setting the story straight.


Writing enlightening biography:

How to bring people back to life.

Jack London’s long shadow:

Disputing and transforming the legacy of racism in American literature.

Writing to the disparity:

Acknowledging class and race in our writing voices.


WORKSHOP ON CHARACTER: Pathways to your chosen people.

WORKSHOP ON MEMOIR: Memoir, memory, and the search for truth.


There also will be time for one-on-one consultations with many of the faculty.