North Words Panel Topics

North Words Panel Topics

North Words Panel Topics

“Ya aaní káa has du shkalneegí yaa nas.áx̱”

(On this land their stories are sounding off)


2023 North Words Panels & Workshops

Below is the initial list of panel and workshop topics. A final list with faculty assignments will appear on the 2023 schedule in March/April.

1) In the Eye of the Raven: Ways of Seeing and Knowing

Perspective, point of view, and writing a world the way it means to be known.


2) Nothing About Us Without Us

Writing with context and heart. Who made your story possible? Do you have permission to bring them in?


3) The Golden Staircase to Publication

Sustaining your climb toward print at long last.

(followed by breakout workshops targeting fiction, non-fiction, poetry) 


4) How Stories Keep Us Alive: Writing Through Loss Toward Reimagined Futures

Floating stories of healing and hope in the maw of the tsunami.


5) Rounding the Human Corners: Finding How We Fit in a World Far Richer than We Conceive

People are only part of the picture. Which pieces still need to be addressed?


 6) Writing Despite It All: Balancing Your Creative Vision with Family, Work, and the Box of Distractions

Trust the vision and the time you need to sculpt it.


7) Blending Genres: Searching for the Mix.

When a single category is not enough. Even more when you are a collaborator, not just a perpetrator.


8) Writing the Neighborhood: Place as an organizing principle, foil, or character

When where becomes who.


WORKSHOP ON CHARACTER: Pathways to your chosen people.



There also will be time for one-on-one consultations with many of the faculty.