Kim Heacox

Kim Heacox lives in Gustavus, Alaska, at the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park, with his wife Melanie. A contract writer with the National Geographic Society for 20 years, he has authored eight books, including An American Idea: The Making of the National Parks which earned him a consultant position on the 2009 Ken Burns 12-hour PBS film. Kim’s most recent book, The Only Kayak, a coming-of-middle-age memoir about falling in love with Alaska, was a 2006 PEN USA Literary Award finalist. He has twice won the Lowell Thomas Award for excellence in travel journalism (having worked on assignment all over the world, including more than 30 trips to the Arctic and Antarctic), but these days he prefers to write about community, conservation and the value of staying put. His heroes are John Muir, John Lennon, George Harrison, Oscar Wilde, Cormac McCarthy, Eric Clapton, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey and St. Francis of Assisi.